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3d on ipadAfter all the hype and buzz surrounding the release of the iPad in April 2010 digital magazine sales for the device could have failed to make an equally lasting effect on the digital publishing sales market.

According to content from the Audit Bureau of Circulation total iPad sales have jumped by 565%, that’s from 2 million iPads sold at the end of May 2010 to around 13.3 million by the end of 2010. However, their digital magazine apps such as the future tech orientated magazine Wired’ has seen it’s sales drop by significantly. Sales decreased from 100,000 copies of its first iPad issue to just 31,000 copies from July to September 2010. We reported on this in yesterday’s blog.

Other publishers that released iPad magazines have followed suit. Glamour magazine sales dropped by 40% from 4,301 copies in September to just 2,775 copied is in November. Vanity Fair saw numbers fail from 10,500 in August to 8,700 copies in October. And GQ magazine produced it’s worst sales figures in November selling just 11,000 copies of it’s digital publication.

So what are the reasons for this slump in iPad magazine sales?  Was it just the novelty of the iPad that made their first edition sales figures so high? Or is it the on-going dispute between Apple and publishers over revenue and subscriptions that is responsible for the poor performance? Are readers being turned away by the price because publishers are putting up the price to take into account the cut Apple will take?

Apple may have to soften up a little and try to work with publishers or they will both lose if recent figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation are a sign of things to come. According to Verve mobile access of news and information has shot up by 243% in the last year. This is a colossal potential market for both Apple and publishers to avail of. Could this row over terms and conditions could be the Achilles heel that leads to the downfall of the future of iPad magazines?

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