iPad beats another device this time its the Playbook

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The manufacturer hired by Canadian firm RIM (ResDigital image of a blackberry messageearch in Motion) Quanta Computer has laid off 1,000 employees from the production line in it’s Taiwan facility for the Playbook as hopes of conquering the powerful iPad presence dwindles.

Last month HP pulled the plug on their Touch Pad and now RIM look to also be in trouble as the highly anticipated Playbook looks set to falter too, RIM have shipped about 800,000 of the devices since launch in early 2011, iPads at the height of the sales for Playbook were outnumbering Playbook 46:1.

Sprint have also announced that they are now to put a hold on their plans for the 4G version, in the midst of a scale down at the network who are to let 2000 employees go over the coming months.

Playbooks claim to fame was its Flash compatibility but with advances in HTML5 coming on stream more and more, the importance of Flash for the next stage of the Internet’s evolution is appearing to be less relevant, HTML5 will guarantee iOS compatibility and this is something that will be a must have going forward.

RIM had expected to ship between 4 and 5 million playbooks this year for more information see the original post here


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