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Interbrand top 100On what is sure to be a very newsworthy day as Apple has announced another iPhone (4S for those of you looking to upgrade)

Interbrand has also released their breakdown of Brand Value’s and their top 100, there are a few noteworthy examples to be taken from this year’s line up.

Mega Brand Coca-Cola is still number 1 with IBM and Google etc. following them, worth noting are that Apple has moved way up as has Amazon.

Down the list we see interesting additions from HTC and John Deer the agricultural machinery manufacturer (which is interesting purely as some thought they made hats…)

Amazon’s position has increased from 36 in 2010 to 26 making it the biggest jumper bar Apple with a 58% increase in $ Value on the brand, which is what Interbrand seek to do by placing brand values on a scale.

(PS can you spot the error in the list? Let us know if you do )

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