Interactive Content and Commerce Merge to Give Retailers Online Sales

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Interactive-ContentNews this week in publishing land sees digital advertisers rush to time based modes of adverting. Related news also reports that content is merging with commerce in glossy eMagazines with the coming together of Mastercard and Allure Magazine to sell product features through the digital pages more directly.

Brand marketers and online retailers have one in the same agenda and are reveling in this electronic commerce technology, which not only showcases products and services well but also provides consumers with direct modes of purchase. We have blogged in the past on how to integrate a shopping cart into a digital magazine.

Clickable adverts with links to product shopping carts are proving popular. Adverts in digital publishing can have interactive content such as mini movies, audio, voice-overs, animation and much more hyperactive features which can make an advert unmissable.

In this information age, there is no shortage of data. Now advertisers are relying on metrics to give them the best times to display their ads to the optimum audience viewing figures and engagement rates. With a digital edition you can display your adverts on the most popular pages based on the tracking and analytics. See a video here on how to set up your publications with google analytics.

With a recent update of 3D Issue 7.1 came a new advertising feature, you now can place and advert over a page and it can be there upon the page turn, the viewer simply clicks the x in the corner of the advert to close it. This feature can even appear over the front cover so it’s the first image the reader sees upon loading of the online magazine.

Marketers are currently embracing these new trends and trying new technologies. Having a stable core of good, well written content is an absolute necessity and by adding interactivity engages the reader like never before; therefore turning a high percentage of a digital audience into consumers.

Be aware of how commerce and content could work for your brand marketing.

By Audrey Henry


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