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3d desktop softwareAccording to sources who spoke to Peter Kafta from All Things Digital, Apple have set a new launch date for the Ipad only digital newspaper “The Daily” as the 17 January 2011. First it was to be released in November 2010, then December now it has been postponed until Jan 2011.

There has been much hype about this daily tech savvy publication project between Rupert Murdoch from NewsCorp and Steve Jobs from Apple. Many would like to think that it is going to be the home delivery news content for the digital era of today.

The Guardian quotes Murdoch as saying that he “envisions a world where every family will have an iPad and it becomes the device from which they get their news and information.” But will people want to spend $500 on a tablet for accessing similar content that is available free on internet websites? CNN and The Washington Post are popular sites like these. So it remains to be seen if The Daily will give readers anything more that these free websites.

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Apple have promised that this iPad paper will offer a new edition every morning containing up to date technology with plenty of videos, multi media content, links and 3D content. People love the internet for it’s interactivity, free content and communication capabilities. The Daily readers will not be able to add comments or share content. This could be an issue that needs addressing.

The iPad has only been with us for about ten months but NewsCorp have hired an elite staff of 100 journalists to ensure the daily publication is a success. By working hand in hand with Apple we can expect a weekly and monthly subscription plan to be made available for this tablet newspaper. iTunes will invoice customers $0.99 a week.


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