Hybrid Edition – a Term Commonly Used in Publishing Industry Circles

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Hybrid-EditionPublishers, readers and marketers are all using such a large variety of words and phrases to describe the digital publications they are creating. Have you heard the term hybrid edition yet? We hear our customers use terms like eBook, interactive magazine and eReplica on a daily basis; what’s interesting is all these terms kind of mean the same thing.

Just one install of digital publishing software can produce all these types of editions suitable for viewing across all devices. Make your starting point the installation of the software on PC, Mac or laptop and go on from there. All are created from a PDF, the PDF is simply imported into the software, links are added, video and audio and a myriad of other features.

In the transition from print to digital some key terms to be aware are of are:

Interactive book: The term interactive is widely used to describe digital replica. Once a reader is interacting with the edition, such as turning its pages, clicking links, clicking start buttons on video and audio buttons they are interacting. Is this term just derived from an action the reader does?

Hybrid edition: For some a hybrid can mean an exact copy of a print edition. The dictionary definition of hybrid is “Something that is powered by more than one source of power: a wind-solar hybrid to generate electricity.” So it makes sense to use this term, as it’s the PDF used for the print version merged with another component which is software to make it digital.

PDF conversion: By simply importing your PDF into digital publishing software you can build it and have a digital version. Or you can do lots more and use many of the available features that come as part of the software package.

Some other terms that are commonly used in publishing industry circles are digital edition, eMagazine, eReplica, eBrochure, eCatalog, flipbook. We feel that once a customer has a project in mind if they give us a quick telephone call to +718-569-6212 or email we can quickly point them in the right direction to the right software solution that will suit their content needs, be it to publishing hybrids of print editions, to creating branded app, to creating a content Hub for all their online content.

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By Audrey Henry


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