Why Choose a Pure HTML5 Publishing Software

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html5-publishing-softwareMore and more people are spending time reading through digital publications online and offline.

Up until recently Flash was the most popular technology on the internet when it came to videos, animations etc. In fact many were the sites relying on Flash.

However, over the past few years the security risks that the use of Flash creates have been uncovered and developers everywhere have been forced to look somewhere else. This is where HTML5 stepped in.

Although even Adobe has recommended the use of HTML5, there are still quite a few companies out there that are reluctant to make the change.

Hopefully this blog will help you understand why it’s so important that you abandon Flash and use a pure HTML5 digital publishing software instead.

Why should you care about HTML5?

You should care about HTML5 because of the decline of Flash. Little by little the most popular browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari have started disabling or blocking Flash by default in favour of HTML5.

In this scenario offering a digital publication in Flash will result in either your publication not displaying for your audience, or them having to install or enable Flash on their browser to view it. Either way, the user experience will be negatively affected and therefore so will your chances of converting your readers into customers.

Even though that should be enough reason to reconsider the use of Flash, moving on to HTML5 has a lot more benefits.

Why should you choose HTML5?

• HTML5 is mobile friendly and as you know, everything is mobile now
• HTML5 is recognised by both Apple and Android devices reaching a wider range of users
• HTML5 doesn’t create as many crashing problems as Flash. Does the “Adobe Flash plugin has crashed” sentence ring any bells?
• HTML5 doesn’t require any plug-ins
• HTML5 is less resource intensive than Flash which makes it faster
• HTML5 doesn’t have the security issues of Flash
• The right HTML5 digital publishing software will allow you to zoom in without the text becoming pixelated.

Long story short, HTML5 provides your audience with a better experience benefiting your business and increasing the return of investment of your publication.

This infographic about “Why it’s time to switch to HTML5”, includes more reasons why you should make the change.

Which HTML5 publishing software should you choose? Are there any differences?

Here at 3D Issue we’ve been busy trying to improve our digital publishing software to offer our customers the best Flash-free software.

Although there are many companies out there that offer HTML5 versions of digital magazines, none of them support the experience of vectorised text that made Flash so attractive. None of them but 3D Issue Flipbooks, that is.

Unlike other publishing platforms, our software supports vectorised text so you can zoom in within your publications without the text becoming blurry. A feature that becomes extremely important when your audience is essentially mobile.

And that’s only one of the multiple advantages of using 3D Issue Flipbooks. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can now download the 14-day free trial and start enjoying all the benefits of the 3D Issue software.

If you have any questions you can send us an email to info@3dissue.com


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