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HTML5 magazine app There is a fairly high chance you are reading this article on a connected device of some sort, whether that is a smartphone or tablet or some other device isn’t the point I am intending to make, the point I am making is that smartphones, tablets and all the other connected devices now available have changed how we locate, view and digest content irrevocably in a short span of years. There are very few industries which have remained untouched by the all-encompassing resource we know as the World Wide Web, we now have information at our disposal, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, all readily available on a device which fits comfortably in our pockets.

What would have seemed an outlandish prediction not that long ago is now a firm reality, the internet has changed the way the world works, it has changed the way industries work, there is perhaps no other industry which has felt this quite as keenly as the publishing industry. After what seemed like the death knell for the printed publishing industry, we are now seeing the green shoots of recovery through imaginative and reactive ideas which have brought the traditional magazine to mobile devices everywhere in the form of the HTML5 magazine app.

Can you afford to lose 40% of your business?

Digital news consumption has steadily gained a foothold in our lives in tandem with the equally impressive rise of internet usage and the far reaching capabilities it endows us with. The meteoric rise in smartphone and tablet usage across the globe has meant that publishers have had to ensure the content they provide is available through these devices, not to do so is, according to recent surveys, is cutting out almost 40% of your internet traffic.


There is not a business on the planet that can afford to ignore 40% of potential business, it is for this reason that HTML5 magazine apps are crucial to the printed publishing industry, by amalgamating their efforts though digital devices and the traditional platforms publishers are not hedging their bets but moving with the times, you might not always see someone with a newspaper but you can bet you will always see them with their smartphone. The audience online is gargantuan, if publishers can reach even a fraction of this audience through HTML5 magazine apps then it stands to reason their chances of survival, and it is about survival for some, is greatly enhanced.

Below is a video we recently assembled outlining how to convert your interactive PDF to an HTML5 mobile newsletter

I think it is pertinent at this point to highlight the fact that I myself am a great lover of printed literature and I am in no way writing it off, (no pun intended!), I still purchase magazines and newspapers just maybe not as regularly as I once did, this is no snub to the ink and paper publishing industry, it is simply a case of moving with the times and you can be assured that I am not alone in this change in my reading habits. There have been many times I have been on journeys or perhaps waiting somewhere and it is these times that access to the internet and the content it provides through my phone was a godsend. The point I am making is that these devices have placed the mother of all resources within our hands wherever we go, it is the publisher’s duty to supply the content that we then view and they can do this through the use of HTML5 magazine apps.

HTML5 magazine apps are not only accessible through the devices which are now commonplace globally but the real beauty of them is they can be assembled using the very same PDFs the printing industry uses to produce their publications. Careful planning of the design of these PDF’s allows the publisher to include interactive features and also video and audio capabilities within their HTML5 empowered publications, all vital components in an online world which demands the highest quality content.

We also have another video here which you may find informative.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article today, I hope you find something of interest and value to you, as always if you have anything to add to the discussion please do so in the comments box below, I would love to hear from you.



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