See How to Self-Publish an eBook in These 7 Steps

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how-to-self-publishAs part of the 3D Issue Publishing suite the eBook software comes into use, especially for self-publishers. When dealing with text heavy documents you may prefer to create an eBook, like for user guides, tutorial guides or procedural documents. These can be consumed on ereader devices like the Kindle or even within the apps. So to cater to that type of content use the eBook tool, rather than the Flipbook or the Hubs software that is part of the suite.

Step 1.
Import the content. There are 3 ways to do this; as a Word document, as a PDF or manually.

Step 2.
Segment the content into chapters. The software can detect where you have new titles, making it easier for you to put the right content into each section. We can preview this as we go to make sure it looks correct.

Step 3.
The design Tab, here you have an array of features available to you. You can also tidy up your text be deleting unneeded spaces and text that copied over from your original document; like page headers and footers or page numbers.

Step 4.
You can add video, audio, images here also in the design tab. Check out the text to speak audio enhancements that come with this software here also. You can create an audio book here too, if you so wish to do so.


Step 5.
Jump to the output tab to preview your work. Here you flick through each age and you see how your publication will look on an ereader.

Step 6.
Fill in the Properties section – title, author, publisher, and so on…

Step 7.
You are now ready to publish – so simply click build and the software will output an ePub3 and a kindle format to your drive.

See these steps as a video tutorial or attend a webinar to see the software being demonstrated.

By Audrey Henry


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