How to Publish your Blog and RSS Content into an Insanely Cool Hub!

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How to Publish your Blog and RSS Content In today’s blog I will outline step by step how you can create a Hub in minutes. Literally it is that easy! If you blog on a regular basis then that feed is a powerful source you possess to showcasing your content in another dynamic digital form. Using 3D Issue Hubs you can deliver this content as a Hub for you to distribute via email, social sharing and many other e-marketing channels. It’s the fastest form of content transformation and delivery I have ever encountered and the cool bit is that it looks insanely good too.

Top tip: Know what an RSS feed or Atom feed looks like. This will save you the time of wondering why the link you have added doesn’t work. We find a lot of our users try to upload homepage of the site that they want to create a hub from, his is not correct as it will only pull in one page. We advise not to use .com addresses, instead go for urls with /feeds at the end of them (rss feeds). You will get used to this quickly once we have a look at creating a Hub.


So the best way to work is to allow the software in the Hub to find the feed for you! Allow it to do the work!

Step 1. Select RSS
Step 2. Simply enter the name of the company or website you know creates a blog. In this case I will enter “Shuttermagazine” as I know they create a blog and they are all about excellent photography so their images will be stunning, enhancing the Hub even more.
How to Publish your Blog and RSS Content
Step 3. Click search, and 3D Issue will return a list of possible urls for you to choose for your Hub. I choose the first one in the list for mine.
How to Publish your Blog and RSS Content
Step 4. click next. and again and again until you reach stage 4, here you will be presented with the url of the Hub you have just created. (In stage 2 you can customize and in stage 3 preview the content, but its not necessary in this case)
Step 5. Copy and paste it into a new tab on your browser and you can view and enjoy the Hub you have just created in minutes!

Here is the live link to the Hub I have just created:
It will auto-update as Shutter Magazine add new blogs to their site, so the information in out Hub will always contain the newest content.

By Audrey Henry


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