How to Make eBooks that are Tailored to You and Your Readers’ Needs

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How-to-Make-eBooksIt’s a good idea to educate yourself on how to make an eBook. The uses for such are vast, especially if you are a designer or marketer the scope for a digital edition in these circles knows no bounds. With digital media the expanse for exposure is ever widening with mobile and tablet usage.

There is a market for eBooks in the form of selling your story, or in the need for spreading information digitally.
With 3D Issue software you can create eBooks with our Flipbook software, and also create eBooks with our specialized eBook software. The difference with the eBook version of the software is that you can make your eBook from PDF’s, Microsoft Word files, or manually, by adding your text, images and other content.

eBooks now can have interactive features like video, audio and web links, to name only few. They can be heavily illustrated, rich in photos or have image galleries. You can create an audio book. Making them perfect as marketing material.

Check out the steps on how to create a flipbook, as this may suit your project better. There is also an extensive video tutorial suite for you to visit any time you please.


Our team has vast experience in advising trail users on the software choice that is right for them. Some new customers like to have a quick chat to our team about their project. This is worthwhile as once we have an insight into their goals and an idea of the target audience they wish to win over we can recommend the best options and features that will benefit them in the making of their eBook.

Remember your audience may be using android, apple, eReaders, PC, Mac, tablets to view your eBook. You can track which devices they are reading your eBook from. As you continue to make eBooks over time you will recognize the features that work best for you.

Having a eBook software installed on your machine that can meet your needs, means you are free to make your own library of online books at your own convienence. Practice makes perfect. The trail version of the software is free and a great way to get familiar with the technology.

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By Audrey Henry


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