How to Create Links and Rich Media in your eMagazine

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An effective strategy to reaching your target digital is adding new elements such as links and rich media to enhance your e-magazine. In our blog today, we will provide you with some key resources on how to create links and rich media using the 3D Issue software.

To have a first-hand experience, you can download the trial version to use your own content; put the procedure into practice and see results to clarify any doubts.

3D Issue software provides an intuitive user interface separated into three tabs: Content, Design and Output. In the Design tab, you will find a range of the interactive features at your disposal – all you need is creativity and a desire to explore new features to create an engaging e-magazine.

In the Design tab, 3D Issue users have the possibility to:

•  Add interactive options for readers including notes and bookmarks
•  Embed movies and audio tracks
•  Use a company’s logo, background, colours

Click here to access the 3 easy steps to create an online magazine

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Just click here to access these video tutorials. One of the most effective ways to learn how to create links and rich media in your magazine is viewing a step by step procedure on:

• How to customise the skin of your e-magazine
• How to integrate advertising into your digital edition
• How to add videos, audio, e-mail and web links in your e-magazine

We hope the resource materials can assist you in the process of enhancing your digital editions, please drop us an e-mail at for any queries, comments or ideas.

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