How to Create Email Newsletters in Less Than 5 Minutes

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email newsletterEmail newsletters are an economical but effective way of reaching out to your audience and clientele with the latest news from or about your company. This can be arduous task if you have a large amount of content to be included in the newsletter.

Traditionally a member of a company’s marketing team would have to sift through all the new blogs and information since the last email newsletter was sent out and arrange it accordingly.

Not anymore

Hubs can be utilised to create newsletters in less than five minutes, in some cases it can take as little as twenty seconds depending on the amount of information involved. Enter in the URL of your feed, blog or website and Hubs will then automatically arrange these feeds into newsletters. All you have to do is point Hubs towards these feeds and press create.
This will create newsletters that are not only visually attractive and informative, but vitally, they can be viewed on any device.

Another imperative part of email newsletters is the viewer retention rate, if your newsletter takes any more than seven seconds to load up, chances are your viewer will move on to view something else.
With Hubs you have a crisp, clear, concise interface which is not only easily legible, but crucially, loads up in the shortest time possible thus ensuring you have the highest viewer retention rate.

Responsive layouts

It is a fact of life today that nearly all of us have mobile phones, recent statistics have shown that mobile traffic will exceed web traffic within the next couple of years, so it is imperative that whatever medium you use for your newsletter that it can be viewed with a mobile phone or whatever device the viewer may be using at that time.

Estimates state that over 40% of us are reading web content on our phones, so while this would be folly to ignore; it could also be fatal to your business in terms of your market reach compared to that of your competitors.

Hubs is designed with such purpose in mind, no matter which device the reader is viewing your content on, whether that is a mobile, tablet or desktop, Hubs will automatically adjust to fit any resolution.
This will ensure you reach the greatest amount of readers to maximise your market reach, an essential component of survival in a market place saturated with information and content.


Rss feeds and email newsletters

The real beauty of using Rss feeds with email newsletters is that whenever you update your blogs on your site, they will update the content of your publication, this ensures the freshest and most up to date content is always available, an absolute must in the competition for audience retention amongst  the myriad of content options available.

As the demands and needs of today’s readers grow, so too must the quality of content available to them.  Anything else and your email newsletters run the risk of drowning in an aquatic tide of information and content.

Publications such as Hubs are an ideal way of not only reaching your target audience but crucially, of retaining their attention.

Why not try Hubs today and see the difference it can make to the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and email newsletters.

By Charlie Gallagher


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