How to Create an eBook App for iPad

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It would by no means be a wild assumption to state the ways in which we receive and digest content and data has changed irrevocably in a relatively short space of time, the World Wide Web has played a pivotal role in this change in content digestion habits worldwide, not only this, but the devices we use to view and locate this vast font of knowledge and data has evolved in tandem with the very revolution that is the internet itself.

The devices available to us are wide and varied, smartphones and tablets have soared in popularity and the capabilities they house in particular improves on almost a daily basis, put it this way, most smartphones you now use are more powerful than all of the “computer power than all of NASA back in 1969, when it placed two astronauts on the moon.” Quite the statement perhaps but one that stands true nonetheless.

The plethora of choices available to us

We as a global nation are reading on connected devices more than ever before, we have many choices available to us such as;
– Desktop & Laptop Computers
– Digital Audio Players
– E-readers (e.g. Kindle, Nook, Sony)
– Handheld Mobile Devices (e.g. iPhone, Android OS Mobile Devices)
– Tablets e.g.  iPad, Android Tablets

sharp decline in e-reader sales last year and the continued growth in tablet sales have sparked debate in the industry as to best device to publish eBooks for.  A recent report on CNN discussed how some industry analysts predict a seismic shift in the devices used to consume eBooks on. Given this boom in sales of tablet devices in recent years, tablets are forecast by some to be the leading devices used for reading eBooks, making the dedicated e-reader obsolete.

There are various methods of publishing eBooks for viewing on iPad. The method chosen typically would depend on your target audience, the type of publication you are creating and the distribution strategy you intend to take. Some of the more popular methods outlined include:
1. Create an eBook in HTML5 – viewable online on iPad and other tablet/mobile devices.
2. Create a HTML5 iPad web app – ensures eBooks can be viewed both online and offline.

In today’s blog post, I will explain how to do just that using 3D Issue:
1. Open 3D Issue on your desktop, and import your PDF to the software.
2. In the Content tab, add your company’s logo, ftp details and Meta tags for the publication to help its performance in search.
3. In the “Design tab”, add interactivity and multimedia to your eBook as you wish – add audio, photo galleries, in-text hyper-links, videos, table of contents and much more.
4. Finally, in the Output Tab, ensure “Online (Flash/HTML5)” and “iPhone/iPad App” is selected.

It really is that simple. A stunning and interactive iPad eBook published in minutes. You can also create a native web app from within the software interface, and pdf to .epub and .mobi conversion is also available within the software package to cover all distribution channels you may choose for your eBooks. Read information on the additional ways to publish for iPad here.

By Charlie Gallagher


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