How to Create AudioBooks that Cater to all Types of Readers and Listeners

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How-to-Create-AudioBooksYou can create audiobooks from the convenience of your own personal computer. With 3D Issue software, the audiobook feature can help people with learning disabilities, language learning, non-readers and weak readers. Audiobooks can also be enjoyed by avid readers that like the handiness of listening to a book while doing other things, like driving or working on the computer. We have blogged in the past about the steps you can take to create an audio book and many of you still avail of this information.

While audio books serve the delivery of literary novels and stories. Audio features can enhance many a digital publication also. For example the inclusion of an audio interview in an article of an online magazine. Or a clip from a new album that is being reviewed in another section of the magazine. There are many advantages to this as a huge part of your readership and listener-ship are now accessing 3D Issue created audio books via their handheld devices; smartphones and tablets. The audience you can reach by creating a audiobook is vast and steadily growing.


SoulM8 based in the UK, publish bi-monthly ezines, bringing you the latest in urban music news, reviews and interviews with regular exclusive video artist interviews, music downloads & play buttons and links to all the current sole trends. The beauty of Soulm8 is that they integrate audio and video with the majority of their articles. See how to add music to a publication in this tutorial video.

SoulM8’s current issue uses lots of audio features throughout its publication. Click on the image below to launch the digital magazine, click on the audio icons and hear the music and interviews used to great effect.


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By Audrey Henry


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