How to Create a Branded App to Amaze Your Audience

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How-to-Create-a-Branded-AppCreating a branded app is an easy and worthwhile thing to do. In today’s blog, we give some details on how to get started and how an app can benefit you.

Before our team can begin building and submitting your app to the App Store and Google Play, we’ll we require a few things from you. This includes text, and info that your app will use when we submit it to the app stores. We also need some icons and other imagery from you, this will help customize your app and style it in the way you’d like it to show your content. Then lastly we’ll need your content. Currently the app can have two sources of content; 3D Issue Hub and 3D Issue libraries.

3D Issue is responding to a need our digital publishing customers wanted. In today’s mobile friendly marketplace, it is advisable to create a branded app.

The branded app service is very important to our customers, as an app service allows you to:

• Design the app layout around your own brand.

• Create apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and mobile markets.

• Allow your readers access to not only access your digital publication, but other newsworthy content such as company info, blogs, news, events etc.

• Populate the app with static content and also dynamic sources such blogs, feeds, alerts and social platforms.

• Our app service will constantly check your dynamic sources and automatically add new content directly to your app.

• Each time one of your readers opens the app, it checks and makes all new content since their last visit accessible, ensuring that your readers always have the latest news.

• We can provide login restricted access for protected content.

• You choose whether you want the content to be stored natively, ensuring that your reader can access the content when in offline mode.

• The starting package for apps is $99 which allows you to get your apps onto the app store with minimal cost.

• Our apps are native solutions, ensuring maximum performance.

Do you feel that apps could be of benefit to your content marketing workflow?

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By Audrey Henry


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