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convert your digital readers

One of the key characteristics of the traditional sales approach is the ability to ‘close’ an effective old school sales person would often be referred to as ‘a Closer’, (think of the excellent movie ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’)

The old mantra therefore was – To pitch, follow up the close…

In some ways this is still the goal of digital publications which are executed with the goal of converting a reader into a customer. The final goal is a sale.

Marketing communications which are created for the accusation of new and existing customers require very careful planning and execution. Below are some of our top tips for converting digital readers to customers.

1.  Prior Planning prevents poor performance

Failing to layout in clear stages what the goals are for a marketing communications piece greatly lowers any chance for success. Prior to embarking on a brief and concept one must first ask – who is this targeted at? What do we hope to achieve? How does this fit into our strategic road map? Is this a tactical piece for short term gain? Check out this brief Wikipedia entry for a framework on marketing communications planning.

2.  Use everything in the arsenal

The old saying goes ‘charity starts at home’ if your business is poised to avail of certain advantages available via digital publishing encourage them. Certain readers are more likely to use one feature over another where appropriate promote within a publication for readers to share, download and reply with feedback. The more ‘traction’ a digital publication gets the more likely to gain. Social media is your friend!

3.  Go the extra mile

Poorly presented content will do no favours for anyone competition for eyeballs. Execution of creative and engaging publications will entice and delight the reader. Customer satisfaction is achieved by meeting or surpassing a customer’s expectations by doing this very thing readers are more likely to make the transition from prospect to lead.

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