How to Advertise your Business Today

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how-to-advertise-your-businessIn today’s digital marketplace, you have to know the best methods to advertise your business or risk losing revenue and customers. In today’s blog, I will talk about some current, effective advertising practices.

Advertising has changed over the last decade in a way that has shifted the paradigm forever.

People used to sell advertising, now computers trade advertising like it’s a commodity.

The user is tracked when they visit an advertised website, or when they click on ads via their phones, tablets and computers. Cookies are dropped on their devices by companies wishing to gain valuable knowledge about their online habits. Emails are tracked, now advertisers know how long it takes you to open their email, which ones you respond best to, links you interact with within the email and what devices and times you access your email from.

Advertisers know if a clicked ad gets them a lead, an online sale or a drop-off. They monitor KIPs; these are Key Performance Indicators. KPIs evaluate the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages.


With all this information advertisers have a pretty good idea of your interests and behaviors and know what ads to place before you online and what times and dates suit best to show you them.

The extent the advertiser can gain in knowing your online behavior is so large and intensive. They don’t miss a single beat, and usually set up their campaigns around your personal internet practices, targeting age, demographics, career, lifestyle choices of all online individuals.

An advertising entrepreneur is someone who leads change. Be an entrepreneur in your company by trying new techniques and technical tools.

Do you want to generate more advertising revenues, but need content marketing inspiration for new ways of doing so?

See the blogs and guides listed below, they are a free resource that I have put together to easily allow you to see and implement some new advertising strategies in your online business:

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This free e-book guide will help you implement advertising in your digital publications.

I hope you found today’s blog enlightening and if you would like any more information on how you can use the power of advertising with your content marketing practices please contact and one of our expert team will get back to you.

By Audrey Henry


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