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Digital publishing newsAn interesting report published originally via indicates that the majority of readers of News on tablets are doing so via their Internet Browsers and not via Apps.

The study indicates that the universe used for the tablet research holds that 11% of the adult computer owning population is tablet users and that of these over half (53%) are consuming news via the devices. Only e-mail beat news in the time spent at the tablet comparison.

Only some are actually paying for content 14% have paid for news content, and the price point of $5 was expressed as suitable if there was no alternative way of getting news on their device.

The study also notes that whilst users of these devices are very likely to download news apps (66%), they are still turning to the browser and web version to access the news. This may come as a surprise to many, as the perception amongst content curators if often that they need to get an app for their publication.

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The non-app consumption of news is not what the publishers would want, the opportunity for revenue will be via App purchases and in that eco-system. Internet usage indicates that the thirst for content for free continues as the Pay-Wall model for websites has been less than successful thus far.

In summary some key findings of the report were:

–  Tablet users are educated, employed and earning money but not necessarily young

–  Tablet users reads in-depth articles but share news less

–  Apps have not taken over as the primary way to get news on the tablet

An insightful report with some good points to read the full version read more about this digital trend.

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