What is your cheapest pricing plan available?

We used to have an option available called Lite. This is now included in our legacy pricing as a one-time fee of US $499 for our desktop software only. You can self-host as many Flipbooks as you want through our Lite software.

The main difference between Lite and Professional is that Lite does not allow you to add, remove, or edit interactive features such as videos, jump to pages, and more. Lite does a basic conversion of your PDF into a Flipbook whereas Professional gives you complete control over the look and feel of them.


Below are two samples which show the differences between Lite and Professional, you can view them by clicking the links below on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

In addition, here is a short list of samples if you want to see some of the other interactive features and layout options available with our Professional and Enterprise plans.


You can find the full list of differences between Lite and Professional by clicking ‘View All Features’ at the link below. Our legacy pricing is for our desktop software only, these plans do not include access to Flipbooks Online.

Legacy Pricing for Desktop Only

If you would like to see our pricing structure that includes access to both our online platform and our desktop software please click on the link below.

Pricing Information for Flipbooks

Let us know if there is anything you or your team are unsure about with regards to our Lite software, we are more than happy to discuss it in-depth with you if you want to call our offices at the number below or email us at sales@3dissue.com.

US: (718) 569 6212
Opening Hours: 4:00 AM – 4:30 PM (EST)

Updated on December 1, 2018

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