8th Harry Potter to return in eBook only

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digital magazineIn a report from wired.com it has emerged that J.K. Rowling the mysterious and camera shy author of the insanely popular Harry Potter series has announced that she is to write more books featuring Harry and Co. and not alone that but that her next works will be via eBook only, and distributed via her own website.

So possibly the biggest author in the world, an author-billionaire has turned to self publishing and on a very on a big scale.

This is huge news there comes a time in every new medium’s lifespan where one event sets down a marker. For some car manufactures it may be that one model that goes on to really show the brand at its best, for a designer it may be that one distinctive piece of furniture.

For ePublishing the release of a new Harry Potter book on an eBook reader spells (no Pun intended honest) big sales and new markets, wait for the special edition Kindle we’re sure and we’ll be some of the first in line to buy them too.

And not alone that but there is a whole new angle to the Harry Potter web presence with J.K. set to release the books at a charge yet also freely distributed (with individual watermarks) editions via the still in development portal www.Pottermore.com where you can soon register your interest.

Excited? You should be this will bring eBooks to the masses and a key demographic that has been just dying to get a reason to buy that eBook reader and with Kindles for example starting at only $111 why wouldn’t they? Also there is a huge following for the Potter books amongst grown ups too, except now there is no need for that special edition grown up cover edition.


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