Google are not making eBook readers – they will supply content

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eBook is not Google device its contentEarlier this month the web was awash with stories that Google were releasing their own eReader and the USP was going to be that it had full access to the Google Books library which they have toiled with to such great extents these past few years.

However this really was not a true account of the events at all as reported here earlier today – Google didn’t say they were launching a eBook reader they said they were releasing a service which device manufacturers could ‘Tap into’ which makes sense really as Google don’t make hardware.

Here is what Google said:

“Manufacturers like iriver can use Google Books APIs and services to connect their devices to the full Google eBooks catalog for out-of-the-box access to a complete ebookstore.”

(Edit…on the Google making hardware point I’m ignoring Android phones with Google printed on the back at least until there is a version of Chrome running on them! They are not actual Google specific devices in the end really anyway as they are cell phones)

So the line up for the big players is still Kindle, Nook and iPad and Sony eReader and the few other guys too.

The announcment was initially made by Google on their Books blog here.


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