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creating digital magazinesSo you are getting started with digital editions! The last few years has seen a tremendous increase in the number of marketers and publishers moving publications from being available only in print to introducing digital and in some cases completely replacing the print copies with the digital versions.

We understand this transition to digital requires an element of learning the new digital editions software and so here we have put together a few resources that can help you get started with 3D Issue very quickly.

Live demo
Join us for one of our daily webinars. These show you how to get started with 3D Issue, starting with adding your PDFs, adding interactive elements and then publishing to your website. You can even ask questions along the way. Register for a live demo >>

Video Tutorials
Check out the specific video tutorials that focus on particular areas of the software. You can view specific videos or watch the entire series. Watch video tutorials

User Manual
A complete user guide to how to use and get the most out of 3D Issue software. This is useful to have as a reference guide if you need to quickly look into a particular feature. Download User Manual >>

We have a number of guides and articles below that can give you inspiration, tips and tricks. You’ll be creating first class digital magazines in no time!

Stuck for content creation ideas?
HTML5 Web App or Native App?
Digital editions pre-publish checklist
7 free tools to help with your digital publishing projects
Advertising opportunities for your digital magazines
Formatting your digital publications
Digital Publications – Part 1 Beginners guide to output formats
Digital Publications – Part 2 Beginners guide to devices
Digital Publications – Part 3 Beginners guide to digital publishing considerations

Or, feel free to contact us if you need any guidance at

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