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electronic publications profit earningRecent reports from Future publishing as reported by paidcontent.org have announced that their revenue stream from digital content production will almost outweigh a slight deficit in total profit.

Future publishing are the publishers of magazines including technology title T3, Mac Life and Xbox Magazine amongst other music and technology magazines.

So there may be room to say that they had an advantage as their readers are tech savvy, yet the digital content was all replica based as only the T3 version was re-mastered.

The end result as reported by paidcontent.com was “£1.1 ($1.78) million in digital profit, nearly making up for a £1.2 ($1.94) million print decline.” so a bitter sweet increase in a sense but with device sales for iOS and Android devices on the increase not to mention the Colour Android powered device from Barnes & Noble, there is sure to be an upward trend to continue here for some time to come.

It’s a sign of how exactly how much expectation there is right  now around this market when a drop in profit is to be celebrated!

At this time as reported here by Marketing Pilgrim the publication which is sold by Future in digital format is completely based on the hard copy edition, as we blogged about recently designing with digital publishing in mind is important from the start of the process and Future intend to build on their current achievements by adding in more interactive features like Movies and Audio.

Future specify that they are selling over £100K worth of digital content per month to a user base of 10Million. As the figures quoted are actual profit rather than revenue this also shows the costs involved and the potential for profit.

With approximately £1.2Million in sales equating to £1.1 in digital profit this is one model that works and with quite a few trees saved too one can’t argue. Although it would be expected from this that the hard copy version soaked up the costs of production.

Future expressed that digital now equates to 36% of revenue in the US and with the decline in advertising revenue the commitment to digital is confirmed.

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