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page flip catalogueWe’ve been in touch with quite a few ‘start-up’ companies this week so we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at 3 useful applications which can be used in conjunction with 3D Issue to create engaging and measurable marketing communications which do not cost the earth.

All you’ll need are a few hours from a graphic designer and a little imagination to get started allowing your content to be whisked away around the web.

First up is Tiny Letter, tiny letter allows you to create newsletters and e-mail lists which are easily managed, you can compose and send to a large mailing list and keep track of who responds and who does’nt  so you are not contacting those who don’t appear interested. The great thing about the new service from Tinyletter is that it is free and although branded will offer a convenient way to send out your weekly or monthly newsletter containing a 3D Issue link of course!

Tiny Letter also has a big brother Mailchimp (Tiny Letter was recently acquired by Mail Chimp). Beta sign up for Tiny Letter is fully booked at present but sign up is available for when the service launches. ( PS ya just gotta love that Mailchimp monkey!)

Google Translate, lots of companies say that they must ‘look global’ we say at least speak a little of the lingo! many customers are reaching out to new markets and faced with the costs of a full translation service it can of course be prohibitive, whilst not for the faint of heart (we’ve tested with a few languages and natural speakers) if you keep the copy simple and clear Google actually does a pretty good job in this useful tool.

Rememeber too that in 3D Issue all reader interactions can be translated into a custom language too so you can adapt to your target audience.

create e-books

3D Issue Hubs– OK this is one of ours….but 3D Issue Hubs really still is the simplest and easiest way to convert your RSS feeds to digital magazines and with the upgrades and new features which we added in V5 you can create epub and mobi files too so that your content is always up to date – PS watch out for the upcoming automated feature coming soon which will allow 3D Issue Hubs to build a publication automatically at a set time every day/week/month and upload too.

Oh and lest we forget no graphic designer required for 3D Issue Hubs. For 3D Issue Hubs samples follow this link and scroll a little ways down the page to the samples section.

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