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What is ‘Gold Cover’ ?

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May 7, 2012 at 9:56 pm #6626


We are happy with the software & will be looking to purchase the Professional package.

I do have some questions regarding the optional ‘Gold Cover’.

Apparently there are 2-3 software upgrades per year, are these optional or are they essential purchases? Also, how much do these upgrades generally cost?


The upgrades are entirely opt-in, so you only need to install the updates if you wish. There are no costs involved other than this, as the software is sold as a lifetime license. You can create unlimited publications for life.

Each update will come with a fee, for an exact pricing guide I would recommend contacting the sales team at sales@3dissue.com .

Purchasing ‘Gold Cover’ acts as a guarantee, for 12 months you will be eligible for free upgrades.

Why so many updates?

As a company we are constantly innovating and evolving our products. Our developers are always hard at work developing new solutions and features. This is all to offer our customers the best digital publishing experience.


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