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What are domains?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:25 am #6464

Applies to: 3D Issue V5 Pro and Lite

Domains are very important if you plan to publish publications online.

When you purchased the 3D Issue software you will have received one or more templates. Each of these templates has a set of configurations stored on the server.

Logo’s are one of these features. Each template has it’s own logo, which is also stored on the server. Each time a reader loads your publication the URL it’s hosted on is verified.

This is where the ‘Domain’ list plays a part. It’s essentially a list of websites which you have authorized to display your logo. If you haven’t set up the domains correctly, then no logo will show and the page will not load. The reader will be presented with an error.

Your domain will usually be your website address, eg. http://www.yoursite.com. This will mean that any magazines published to your site will now contain your logo.

NOTEIn some cases users have issues where they enter http://yoursite.com instead of http://www.yoursite.com. If are unsure which version to use you can simply insert both. There is no limit to the number of domain’s you can publish to.

If you have further issues with this, please verify your settings. There is a step-by-step guide located here.


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