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SWF playback issue

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May 7, 2012 at 11:05 am #6501

*Applies to 3D Issue V5 Pro users.

I created and exported a SWF file using InDesign 5.5. I set this swf to play once and not loop. However, when I previewed the SWF file it simply flashed once and didn’t animate.

For an animated embedded SWF to work correctly in 3DIssue, it needs to be frame based (eg – each individual part of the animation has a separate frame.). Your SWF files contained 2 frames, one that shows the empty stage and one that shows the finished test with tween animation to create the illusion of movement between the two. Unfortunately 3Dissue will continuously loop these two frames when embedded.

The solution is to make a new frame based SWF or have a SWF in a pop-out player (which can display the tween).


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