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Is there any way to run the ‘Send to Friend’ script on another support other than asp or php?

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May 8, 2012 at 9:33 am #6891

In the Flash code, our software only knows to call either the ‘sendtofriend.asp’ or a ‘sendtofriend.php’ script.

Understanding how web/app servers work, you can configure your server to recognize a different script other than asp or php with a different file extension (e.g .asp or .php), but within those files, they can put the other script codes to send out email.

The file would need to be called “sendtofriend.php” or “sendtofriend.asp”, this way the Flash code would be able to call the sendtofriend.php or sendtofriend.asp but at the server side, it will actually be interpreted as your unique script.


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