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Send To Friend PHP Scripts

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May 8, 2012 at 9:19 am #6831

For the “send to friend” or “email to friend” feature to work using PHP script there are 2 files that needs to be present in the publication. One is a file called “config.php” and another is “sendtofriend.php”.  The latest version of these 2 files doesn’t need anything to be configured.  The PHP script, by default, uses the PHP host server’s ‘sendmail’ functionality.  So no SMTP parameters needs to be set inside the PHP scripts in order to work.  However, there are PHP host servers that do not allow the use of the ‘sendmail’ functionality. In this case, there is another version of the PHP scripts wherein one can set SMTP parameters like the STMP server, port, etc.  These scripts have several PHP components that need to be present on the server in order to work, namely: Net_Socket, Net_SMTP, and Mail.  You can contact 3DIssue Support for assistance to request for these scripts and how to configure them.


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