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Send To Friend ASP Scripts

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May 8, 2012 at 9:25 am #6861

There are 2 files required to be present in your publication in order for the send to friend feature to work. These are: config.asp and sendtofriend.asp.

There are also a couple of requirements that needs to be installed on the IIS server, namely: CDO.Message and CDO.Configuration. 

Once all of the above requirements have been satisfied, you can configure your SMTP parameters inside config.asp.

smtphost – The IP or hostname of your SMTP sever
smtpport – The port which your SMTP server is configured to listen for incoming connections
username – The username used to establish a connection to the SMTP server
password – The password that comes with the username
fromName – The string to indicate who the message is from
fromEmail – The email address to indicate who the message is from
useSSL – Set to ‘True’ if your SMTP server uses Secure Sockets, otherwise ‘False’
SEND_USING_NETWORK if your SMTP is deemed to be an external server from your HTTP/ASP Server
SEND_USING_LOCAL if you SMTP uses local SMTP pickup services to send out emails

If after setting all necessary parameters you’re still unable to make the send to friend feature to work, try the following:

– Try to establish a telnet session to your SMTP server to make sure that it’s accepting incoming connections
– Make sure that your host server supports the CDO package mentioned above
– If all else fails, you can contact 3DIssue Support for assistance


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