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Password protect offline publications?

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May 7, 2012 at 11:22 am #6566

I run a subscription based website, and would like to password protect my offline publications such that only my clients can access these.


This feature is only available in Windows XP. Modern operating systems do not support native password encryption. This includes any Mac OSX, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If you’re running one of these operating systems you will need to install a third party archiving tool, you will also have to get your readers to install this tool. Due to this we recommend you research whatever tool you select to ensure you’re familiar with it and your clients can easily use it.

While 3D Issue does not officially support any of these archiving tools, we would recommend looking into either 7zip or Zipeg, both these are popular cross-platform tools.

If you’re running Windows XP you can password protect files easily, and they will be opened on any other system.

How to password protect a zip file in Windows XP

1. Create and publish your publication, having selected ‘offline’ as one of the features.
2. Go to the location where your publication is stored.
3. You should have a folder marked ‘offline’, this contains both Mac and Windows offline builds.

Mac Version

This version will already be contained a zip file. To add a password, simply open the archive and select ‘File > Add a Password’. Type in the desired password twice and select ‘ok’ to finalise your decision.

PC Version

This file will be marked as a offline.exe file, you will need to first add the file to an archive.

1. Create a new zip archive by right clicking on a blank area of the window and selecting ‘New > Compressed (zipped) Folder’.
2. Enter the desired name of the archive.
3. Drag the ‘offline.exe’ file onto the archive.
4. Once the file is added to the archive, open the zip file.
5. Select ‘File > Add a Password’, insert your chosen password twice and select ‘ok’ to finalise your decision.

You should now have two password protected zip files. You can upload this directory to your website using an FTP client.


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