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My logo is too small to be recognizable.

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May 7, 2012 at 10:14 am #6426

My logo is a 128×128 square, however when I apply it to my template it doesn’t display at this resolution. It becomes very small and difficult to spot the detail of the image.

The reason the logo appears so small is because it’s larger than the required dimensions. You are able to select any size image as a logo; however it will be re-sized to fit inside a 180×60 boundary.

As your logo is 128×128 it’s actually 68pixels shorter than what you require. You have two choices:

1.     Create a new logo that will fit within the boundary. The recommended dimensions are 180 pixels (wide) X 40 pixels (height). If you re-size your logo for these dimensions you shouldn’t experience any irregularities.

2. Use text instead of the company logo. Using this method you can type the publication name and it will display as plaintext.

Note: To change logos, simply start up 3D Issue, select the template you wish to use and select ‘Edit’, this will bring you back to the initial set up screen.

Why is it restricted to 180×60?
3D Issue can be used to create publications for a wide variety of devices. These devices have several different screen resolutions. In particular netbooks and tablet devices would cause issues, due to their limited screen size.


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