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Languages: We have a magazine that is distributed in 15 languages. Is it possible for me to create 15 different templates of the 3D Issue interface, i.e. one for each language version I am trying to create?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:23 pm #6723

All images and text relating to the flash magazine interface is stored in an external library. This file is called “library.swf ” and each time the flash magazine is loaded it looks for this file and imports the content.

In the fully licensed version of the software, you are provided with the source file used to create the “library.swf” file. This file is called “library.fla”.  You will therefore be able to alter this file to change the language to suit your market.

There is a little more work involved with 15 different languages. In this case you will have to create 14 additional copies of that “library.fla” file.

“library_french.fla”, “library_german.fla”, “library_spanish.fla” , etc..

and save the outputted  SWF file as “library_french.swf”, “library_german.fla”, “library_spanish.fla” , etc..

after producing a digital edition, if you look in the project folder you will see a file called “library.swf”, say for example you wanted to change the language to french, then delete “library.swf” from the project folder can then copy in the “library_french.swf” into that project folder and rename that file to “library.swf”.

When you run the magazine you will see that all the text has now been translated.


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