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Logo looks skewed once publication is built.

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May 7, 2012 at 9:47 pm #6598

I inserted a logo into my template during the install of the software, however my publications display the logo oddly, like its stretched.

This is usually the result of a logo being larger than the required dimensions. When you select a logo the software isn’t picky. It’ll accept any size image file provided it is either PNG, GIF or JPG. When this logo is applied to your publication, it will be resized to fit inside the same boundary. This is why your logo will become squished.

Recommended Dimensions 180 pixels (wide) X 40 pixels (height)

If you resize your logo for these dimensions you shouldn’t experience any irregularities.

Note To change logos, simply start up 3D Issue, select the template you wish to use and select ‘Edit’, this will bring you back to the initial set up screen.


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