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I’ve got an A-1 Error when running the software. What sould I do?

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May 8, 2012 at 9:41 am #6909

I just downloaded and installed the 3Dissue demo on my Windows Vista machine. When I attempted to open the application, it gave me this message:  “Error (A-1) Please contact technical support for further details!!” Why is this occuring?

Unlike previous versions of windows, Vista implements UAC (User Account Control) so that user, even administrators, cannot perform basic registry operations. Our software uses COM DLL’s that needs to be registered in the Windows operating system. To bypass this issue, we suggest you to:

1. Click on “Start Menu/Program Files/3D Issue Manager Lite/”

2. Right Click on “3D Issue Manager Lite”, and select “Run As administrator”

If this doesn’t work

1. Right click on “Command Prompt” in the Accessories menu and click “Run as Administrator”

2. Type in: regsvr32 “C:Program Files3D Issue Manager LiteLicProtector260.dll” in the command window.

If you have installed the software in a different location than above, please change accordingly.

This steps should be executed only once. After that, next runs of the software should work ok.

This has been fixed with the latest versions of our software! Please download the latest version from our site.



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