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Don’t count front, back or inside cover

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May 8, 2012 at 9:26 am #6865

I don’t count the cover, inside cover or back cover. Is there any way to change this in the publication so these pages are not counted?

Within the software there is an option to account for the fact that not all publications have their page numbering start on the front cover.

If you look on the book properties section of 3D Issue Pro you will see that there is an option called “Page numbering starts on”.

Simply enter the number of the page on which the page number commences on. The page numbering will be accounted for but please remember that this will only affect what the reader sees.

If you are adding links to pages within the digital edition, whether they be “jump to page” buttons/hotspots, contents menu links or deep-links via HTML pages, you must insert the physical page number & not the number printed on the page.


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