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Including banners into publications.

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May 7, 2012 at 11:15 am #6540

*Applies to 3D Issue V5 Pro users.


I’m interested in adding some banners into my publications, however I was just wondering about some things. What are the specifications for banners? Can I include animated gifs?



The recommended size for a banner is height (60pixels) and width (2500pixels). The reason width is so large is because your readers will all have different size screens. As a result of this, please ensure all your data is left aligned, as right-aligned data will be cut off on smaller screens.

Supported File Types :  JPG, PNG, GIF and SWF

Recommended size    : 2500 x 60

You cannot use animated GIFs, we recommended you use a .SWF file for animated headers.


NOTE When including swf banners, please ensure they’re height is no greater than 60pixels, otherwise they may not display.


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