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How to use the built-in FTP uploader

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May 7, 2012 at 10:28 am #6478

How to use built-in FTP Uploader

You can configure the FTP Uploader in three simple steps.

Before you start

There are some details you will need to prepare before you begin:

FTP Server Address – This is the address that you upload files to. Your host will provide you with this if you’re unsure.

FTP Login Details – This is your username and password required to upload to the server.


Uploading using built-in FTP
To begin you will need to open a publication in 3D Issue and switch to the ‘Output’ tab. Then select ‘Add’ to insert your FTP details.

Step 1

You will be presented with a screen that contains 4 input boxes. You will need to use the details you retrieved earlier and enter these details into the fields.

Select ‘Next’ button to proceed.

Step 2

If the credentials were correct you should see a list of folders. Select the folder you wish to upload to or create a new one. Once you have chosen a folder double-click so you are inside it.

NOTE : Some users will find there are restrictions on their hosting and will only be able to upload to certain directories (usually named ‘public_html’ or ‘www’). If you cannot make a new folder in a directory, you probably don’t have the permissions that are needed for uploading to that path.

Select ‘Next’ button to proceed.

Step 3

The next window is where your archive will be stored to, this should be the same location as selected in step 2. This will be automatically set by 3D Issue so you can continue by hitting select again.

Select ‘Next’ button to proceed.

Step 4

The final screen is an overview of where you’re uploading to. Verify that these URLs are correct. You will also see the http:// addresses for your publication, copy one to a notepad file.

Note: Some users who upload to an ip address will need to enter the web address of their site here, if this is the case remember to add the web address into your domains.

Select ‘Finish’ to complete.

Step 5

Switch back to the ‘Content’ page, select Template and then select ‘edit’. Go to the ‘Domains’ section and insert the URL you copied from Step 4 to your list. Your future publications will now be registered with this domain.

Step 6

Now everything should be set up and working, try uploading a file to your FTP and to test, if you have any issues try going through the steps again or leaving us a comment.

NOTE: You will only have to follow these steps once for each address you’re registering. When you upload the same publication twice you will be prompted to over-write the existing file. This will replace the old file with the updated file.

NOTE2: If you want to upload to two different folders on one address you can select ‘edit’ and change the folder to which the publications are uploading to.


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