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How to archive publications using built in FTP

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May 7, 2012 at 10:28 am #6476

There are two methods that can be used to edit archives. This article relates to the users using the built-in FTP to upload files.

Once you complete the upload of a publication a new window should pop up. It’ll ask if you want to add the publication to your archive. Please select ‘yes’ to continue.

The ‘Remote Publication Archive’ will open, select ‘Add Current Publication’ to add your publication to the archive.

The current archive will now be inserted into the list of archives. There are other options you can look into, these are discussed at the end of the page. If you’re not interested in these you can simply select ‘Upload Changes’. This will update the archive on your webpage.

Further Details

New Group

You can collect publications in a group. This will put them in a hierarchy, so if you have a weekly publication you could create a group for each month (eg: Jan, Feb, etc).

To create new groups just select the new group button. When adding publications make sure you have the group name selected and then select ‘Add Current Publication’.

Delete Item

This removes the item from your archive. Please be careful with this option, if you delete an old publication you will have to manually re-enter the details.

Move Up | Move Down

These allow you to restructure your Archive and organise the way that publications display.


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