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How to create copy of the publication, without printing it

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May 7, 2012 at 9:47 pm #6602

“How can I copy pages to a file instead of printing them so I don’t have a lot of paper to store?”
There are a number of methods you could use to do this.

  1. Install a virtual printer. This would act in the same way as a real printer. However, instead of printing on physical paper, it creates digital PDF publications on your computer. This method would enable you to print only certain pages to a PDF.
  2. If you wish to store the entire document, you can do this by including the ‘Offline’ file. This can be accomplished by selecting ‘Offline’ from the ‘Output’ panel. If you expand this panel, you will notice several options are available to you.
    1. Create an offline flash publication
    2. Include the source PDF file for your readers.
    3. Include both files.

Selecting any of these will enable the reader to download a copy of your publication to read anytime. The offline version is a flash-based offline player, it will allow readers to view the publication without a network connection.


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