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How can I apply a custom background to my publication?

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May 7, 2012 at 11:09 am #6519

In both the Lite and Professional version of 3DIssue, you should be able to find a panel labeled ‘Appearance’ under the ‘Design’ tab.

1. Expand this panel and select ‘Background’.

2. The ‘Background Editor’ will open, giving you two options

  • Select a colour as your background.
  • Select an custom image as a background.

3. If you choose colour, a colour selection screen will open. Choose the appropriate colour and select ‘ok’ twice. Now when you preview your publication the background will have changed.

4. If you choose to use a custom image, a file browser will open. Navigate to the image file you want to use and select it.

5. Now when you preview the publication the image will appear as your background.

Image Size
The advised image size for backgrounds is 1280 x 1024, this is the screen resolution most commonly used by readers.

It’s also recommended that you keep the file size of the image below 500kb, as this will speed up the loading time of your publication.

Supported File Types
JPEG, GIF and PNG are the supported file formats for image backgrounds.

Note: The background image will not appear in the mobile and tablet versions of the publication.


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