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Google Analytics Event Tracking and Multiple Publications

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May 7, 2012 at 10:24 am #6458

When using the “Event Tracking” feature of your Google Analytics account with multiple publications on 3D Issue Software it is best to create a new profile for each of your publications.

*Not to confuse an edition of a publication with a whole new publication type. For this sample we are assuming the publisher is producing more than one magazine or catalog and would like to separate the data for more accurate reporting.

Google will let you create multiple profiles for one domain name as long as you use a unique sub folder for you web address. For example:

Your website = http://www.mysite.com
Your new sub folder = http://www.mysite.com/emags

In saying this, it’s also important to note that if you try to add a profile for a sub domain that is more than one directory away from the main site it may not work. For example:

Your website = http://www.mysite.com
Your new sub folder = http://www.mysite.com/emags/magazine1

You may need to restructure the folders that store your digital editions in a different way. Instead of placing each of your digital publications inside the folder “www.yoursite.com/emags” you may need to create a unique folder for each publication “www.yoursite.com/magazine1” and “www.yoursite.com/magazine2”. That way you can have a unique profile for each of your publications and ensure that your “Event Tracking” data is not being duplicated or merged together.

Each time you create a new profile you will also be given a unique ID. This new ID must be used each time you produce a new digital publication with 3D Issue. These unique IDs can been seen from the main page of your Google Analytics account and will look similar to the id sample below:


To create a new profile from within Google Analytics look at the very bottom left hand side of the main page once you login to your Google Analytics page.


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