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Flash Magazine stalling

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May 7, 2012 at 10:18 pm #6712


“I done the conversion and everything converted ok, but when I click on the preview window, I see the preloader but it stops there. I can’t even see the front cover. What am I doing wrong?”


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your email. I have taken a look at your sample and of the PDF that you used. The reason that this is happening is because your PDFs are massive. The file you are trying to convert is 500 mb. There are 60 pages in your publication, so each PDF page is around 8.7mb. When you are converting the PDF you are asking 3D Issue to create a vector version of a PDF page that is nearly 10mb. The problem you are having is because your computer is running out of memory because you are asking it to handle vector versions of the flash magazine.

Because the publications are being viewed online, they dont need to be print quality. You should reduce this file size before converting it with 3D Issue.


The best way to do this is to open the PDF in Acrobat Professional. Then click  on the “Advanced / PDF Optimiser” option. You should see the following window. Enter in “72” in place of all the values. Then save the PDF under a new name. When complete you will see that this PDF is a fraction of the size of the previous PDF. Once complete, try running the new PDF through the software and you should be able to preview and publish without any problems.


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