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Error occurred while loading template details

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May 7, 2012 at 10:08 pm #6679

Could not load logo and copyright error

The template error is usually caused by the domain not being correctly added. In some cases the URL is not detected correctly because of different services etc.

We recommend adding two version of the domain to ensure your publication works correctly, one with the “WWW” and one without.

If your domain is:  http://www.your-domain.com then you would add:



This ensures your domain will be detected correctly when a user visits your publication.

To add a domain:

1.       Click “Edit” on the left side of the Content Tab.

2.       In the Window that opens, click on “Domains”

3.       Add you domains and your Google analytics ID  if needed (not required)

4.       Click next and then click Finish.

Your domains should now be added


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