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Embedding 3D Issue Flipbooks in your own native app

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January 19, 2015 at 9:36 am #52633

Embedding 3D Issue Flipbooks in your own native app

To embed a publication in your native app, you simply need to open the URL of your 3D issue Publication in a WebView. This is possible in version 6.2 and above.

iOS (Obj-C):
NSURL *request = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:@”https://samples.3dissue.com/flipbooks/magazine-samples/3dissuedemo/index.html”%5D;
[self.webView loadResquest: request];

Android (java):
webView.loadUrl(“https://samples.3dissue.com/flipbooks/magazine-samples/3dissuedemo/index.html “);

You can obtain a full list of your publications from the 3D issue Library that is generated by the software. You can find the link to your library file in any publication that you’ve created and uploaded by appending “files/data/bookinfo.xml” to the url, so our sample from above would be: https://samples.3dissue.com/flipbooks/magazine-samples/3dissuedemo/files/data/bookinfo.xml
Inside that bookinfo file search for “value313”, that will give you the address of your library.xml


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