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Why is eBook formatting different to e-magazine?

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May 7, 2012 at 11:13 am #6528

I was working on a publication and decided I wanted to create a version for eBook readers. When I switched design mode to ‘eBook Design Mode’, the layout is completely different! The text and images aren’t aligned, nothing looks right anymore.

The change in layout you are experiencing is normal. The change is a result of EBook Publications processing data differently to the way that Digital Magazines do. When you create a Digital Magazine your publications aesthetics remain the same, however when you create eBook publications the process is quite different.

This is because eBook publications are “stripped” down versions of your publication. 3DIssue removes the text and images from your source pdf and arranges it in a HTML document. As a result a lot of the visual features that were implemented into the PDF such as text overlaying images will be lost.

If you have used an eBook reader you will have noticed that they are geared towards simplicity. Their main aim is to display the text to the user, and to allow the user to read this text comfortably. This is effectively what happens when you create an eBook – the data is simplified. This is why your publication changes when you switch to eBook mode.

This is why we would recommend that your PDFs are structured correctly before creating an eBook, as any flaws such as hidden text or images will appear in the eBook. 3D Issue has provided you with a wide range of editing tools in the eBook editing mode; these will help in preparing the publication for distribution.

It is also recommended that you preview your publication on an eBook Reader once you’ve finished, if you can’t get an eBook reader there are software emulators available from companies such as Amazon.


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