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eBook mode is not picking up my columns.

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May 7, 2012 at 11:05 am #6505

When I convert my publication for eBook mode the columns mix up. Instead of being separate articles everything is jumped up.

This is due to the way the PDF was created, there’s no actual distinction made between columns other than aesthetically. So while two columns look like they’re separate segments of text, they actually run into each other. You can carry out a simple test to verify this is the issue – simply open the PDF and highlight the text.

Drag the cursor from one column to the next and see how the text is highlighted. Try and highlight all the text in the first column.

|Column A | Column B |

If the PDF is correctly formatted you should be able to select everything in column A without effecting Column B. However, occasionally there’s no distinction made between the two columns.

This will create issues in the eBook mode, as the two columns will mix up with another. In these types of scenario it’s impossible for the computer to know where a sentence ends and begins.


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