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Downloading Videos from publications?

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May 7, 2012 at 11:10 am #6521

“I was wondering if it’s possible for people to download a video from the flipbook. We are using the video feature and we were wanting to make them available for download for our clients so they can post them on YouTube if they wanted to.
Thank you.


It is possible to allow your readers to download any kind of content via the download button. Please follow these steps:
1. Using a third party ftp client, please upload your video content to a directory on your site.
2. Create your publication and go to the ‘Design’ tab. Add your embedded video or video button. Choose the download button from the ‘interactive’ (it looks like a downward pointing arrow).
3. Place it near or beside your embedded video.
4. When prompted enter the URL for your online content from step 1.
5. In the same settings pop-up click on the ‘+’ beside ‘Advanced’ and change the rollover text to something like ‘Download this video’.

Now when your readers open the page, they see the video player with a button beside it allowing them to download the video to their computers.


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