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Need Double-Spread Page E-Book?

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May 7, 2012 at 10:13 pm #6697

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Can I have the digital edition open on an opening spread e.g page 1 and 2 are on a double page spread, not a single page as the cover?


There is a way that we can do this from within the software. You just need to do a bit of a trick so that a front cover (half page) doesn’t show when opening the publication. To do this upload a blank pdf to the publication. You can do this by creating a blank page pdf, then upload this into the CONTENT tab in the PAGE ORDER section. Make sure this blank page is the 1st in the order.


If you upload double page spreads into the software of all the other spreads.  Then in the CONTENT section again, go to the top LAYOUT section and select ‘double page spreads’


Next, go to the DESIGN tab. Under APPEARANCE set the flip/slide option to slide if this would suit the publication better.


You may also want to take away the option for your end readers to change this back to flip by going into FEATURES in the DESIGN tab and unchecking the Flip/Slide option.


In the ‘Advanced’ section of the DESIGN tab set the page numbering starts on ‘2’


You can then build the publication and upload it to your website.


Next you will want to send people the link to view this publication opening on the first double page spread (physical pages 2 and 3) You can do this by opening the url of this digital publication at page 2 instead of page 1. So take this example digital publication… If you click on this link it will open on the front cover (page 1) http://trials.3dissue.net/v4samples/myhome/ to open at page 2 and 3 you can go directly to http://trials.3dissue.net/v4samples/myhome/files/2.html


I hope this helps, if this doesn’t make sense feel free to send me your pdf and I will create a sample showing this for you.


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